The Kenya National Library Service uses animals to bring education, literature and entertainment to thousands of people in outlaying areas.




Garissa, Kenya

In the eastern part of Kenya the camel is the preferred ‘beast of burden’. Every day three camels form a caravan taking more than 300 books to schools located in the hinterland. One camel carries the books, another carries a tent and chairs and a third camel is a spare. The books are key to the children’s education and development.

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The books brought by the Camel Library to eastern Kenya is key to the success of the students it serves.


Kisumu, Kenya

In the western part of Kenya the donkey is the preferred ‘beast of burden’. Two donkeys are hitched to a small enclosed cart then travels up to 20 kilometres to a school, fishing village or farming community. Children use the books to further their studies or just catch up on the latest adventure novel.

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Children wait patiently at the Ramba and Gunda Rut Primary school for their turn to select a new book brought by the Donkey-Cart Library.



Peru has one of the most diverse eco-systems in the world. Desert, mountains and jungle make getting around difficult.


Amazon River, Peru

The closest library to children living in the village of Yanamono, Peru on the Amazon River is 50kms away in Iquitos. That was true until Dr. Nancy Dunn built the Center for Sharing Knowledge downriver from the village. Each day children walk, or paddle up to a kilometer to visit Nancy and her library. The library houses a sewing centre for the women and holds workshops on sex education.

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Lisbet Rodriquez Ortiz explains why she likes to come to Dr. Dunn's Library.





Cajamarca, Peru

There are more than 700 libraries located in farmers’ homes throughout the province of Cajamarca, Peru. ‘Reading Circles’ are very popular in these libraries. Everybody gathers and take turns reading from the same book. The stories are usually about themselves, their culture or their history. Then everybody discusses the story. Reading circles can last long into the night.

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Sergio Diaz Estela has just walked 2 hours to deliver a new supply of books to the Esmeralda Library run by Elvia Sanchez Delgado.